At the end of 2020, the group’s workforce (which excludes non-executive directors) numbered 7,963 compared to 8,084 at the end of 2019. 

   2020 2019
    Resignations   Turnover (%)   Resignations   Turnover (%) 
  Management 6   9   1   2  
  Other permanent staff 28   10   14   5  
  Workers 997   13   1,058   13  
  Total 1,031   13   1,073   12  

The group endeavours to provide competitive salary packages, opportunities for career development and a decent standard of living on the estates for employees and their families. This is particularly important given the remote location of the group’s estates.

Male and female employees in the same role (such as, for example, harvesting, manuring, spraying, and positions in the office and workshop) receive the same salary.

Wherever possible the group seeks to employ local people and contractors in an effort to contribute to the local economy and create a stable workforce.

REA complies with all Indonesian labour regulations, which are based on the core standards of the International Labour Organisation.

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