REA employs nearly 11,000 people, with a monthly average of some 10,000 employees. The majority of employees work for the plantation subsidiaries and are based in Indonesia. Attracting and retaining skilled, motivated and loyal employees is the key to maintaining high standards as REA expands.

The group endeavours to provide competitive salary packages, opportunities for career development and a good standard of living on the plantations for employees and their families. Wherever possible the group seeks to employ local people and contractors in an effort to contribute to the local economy and create a stable workforce.

REA complies with all Indonesian labour regulations, which are based on the core standards of the International Labour Organisation.

Read more about labour standards and health and safety within REA's operations.

The monthly employee status in 2018 was as follows:

    Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec 
  REA Group  10,868   10,795   10,990   10,996   10,969   10,513   10,118   10,656   9,457   9,629   9,665   9,525 

The reduction in headcount in September was primarily due to the sale of PBJ during the year, which resulted in around 1,260 employees at PBJ ceasing to be part of the group’s workforce. Accordingly, the average number of employees was 10,756. Other reductions were achieved through operating efficiencies.